Strategic Planning

Scales Mound CUSD #211 Goals From the 2012 Board of Education Strategic Planning Session

1. To implement a technology initiative plan for the School District

It is the goal of the Scales Mound School District to create a school system where technology is regularly utilized to enhance teaching, learning and the operation of the school district. Technology will be utilized to strengthen student mastery of the core curriculum and to promote critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, innovation and life and career skills.
The Scales Mound School District will implement a multiple year technology initiative which includes provisions for the creation of a technology curriculum, the identification of student learning expectations, the purchase of hardware and software, staff training, infrastructure upgrades and technical support. The plan includes a description and timeline for desired outcomes and a means to report progress to the Board of Education and to the public.

2. To create a curriculum map and local assessments for each grade level and subject area which identifies and measures desired student outcomes, builds from one grade level to another and is correlated to the Common Core Standards, ACT Readiness Standards and other research based learning standards.

Over the next three years, the School District will undertake an initiative to identify what we want students to know and do in all subject areas and at all grade level based upon the Common Core Standards , the ACT Readiness Standards and state, national and other research based learning standards in academic areas not covered by the Common Core and Act Readiness Standards. These learning outcomes will be coordinated from grade level to grade level in a stair-stepped manner so that one grade level builds to the next. The District will also develop local formative and summative assessments to measure these desired student learning outcomes and use the assessment data to drive instruction.

3. To work with the town board and other local interests to formulate an action plan to promote and market the Scales Mound area and, specifically, the Scales Mound School District.

Scales Mound CUSD #211 will facilitate the development of a local team to create an action plan to promote and market the Scales Mound area and the School District. The purpose of the plan is to grow Scales Mound and enhance the enrollment of the School District.