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Dr. Caron

 Black Hornet     From the Desk of Dr. Bill Caron,

Scales Mound CUSD #211

Superintendent/PreK-2 Principal

Second Quarter Newsletter

Greetings from Scales Mound School and Happy New Year!

We are entering the second semester and look forward to an exciting time here in Scales Mound.  The second semester always includes the annual state testing which gives us an opportunity to see what progress our students making academically and compared to other students and districts in the state.  Last year, Scales Mound was in the top four schools for the tri-county area and our eighth graders were the top students in mathematics.  The state testing includes the ACCESS test for our English-Language learners, the DLM for our some of our special education students, the IAR (Formally PARCC) for grades 3-8, the IST for science grades 3, 5, 8, and 11, and the SAT for our juniors.  Students begin the various tests in January and finish in April.

Help prepare your student for testing by encouraging them to do their best by focusing on making progress compared to the previous year.  Testing can be a stressful time for some students.  Here are some tips for staying cool during testing:

  1. Be prepared - Reviewing concepts and content happen in the classroom.  Be present and participate in the test prep activities.
  2. Get a good night’s sleep
  3. Fuel up - eat a good breakfast and lunch either on testing days along with a healthy snack.
  4. Be present!  Be here on time so there is no anxiety that comes along with arriving late or having to make up a test.
  5. Have a positive mental attitude - YOU’VE GOT THIS.  You have worked all year to learn this material.  Go in thinking like a champion.
  6. Read carefully - the most common mistakes on tests, quizzes, and other work are caused by rushing through the material.  Take your time and read each question twice.
  7. Just start -  Read the directions and dive in to your careful, thoughtful testing practices.
  8. Focus - Don’t pay attention to what others are doing, they are not taking your test. 
  9. Watch your time - set a pace and stay on it so you don’t feel rushed at the end.
  10.  Be mindful, calm, and breath - deep breathing and focusing on mindfulness practices help keep you calm.  As a pro-quarterback once said, “RELAX!”

Project 2021:

Project 2021 is a major capital improvement project for our district which will take us into the next decade.  This project is focused on our students' academic, physical, and social emotional development.  It is also focused on providing important services for our community.  All of these conceptual plans are focused on improving our students experiences in Scales Mound CUSD #211 and provide the community with opportunities to grow.

Currently, the plans are in the Project Design Phase with a final design coming to the Project 2021 Design Team and Board in March.  If you happen to be by the building, feel free to check out the design boards located outside of the main office. 

These are exciting times in Scales Mound for our students and community.  Keep a watch as we continue to share plans for Project 2021.


Go Hornets!

Bill Caron

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